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I am trying to automate incoming call to an Android Phone.

I have a sip client on my PC which supports call to Phone Number. For this I need a SIP account which will allow me to make a call to Actual Phone Number. This SIP service should be available in India and US.

I wanted to know

  1. if I make a SIP call to a number will I get Incoming Call Notification in Android Phone?

  2. Can any one guide me which SIP service I can use to have to make a call from PC to phone? This SIP service should allow 3rd party SIP client to connect to it. And also I want to generate just an Incoming call notification in Phone. So Please let me know if there any Free SIP service from which I can achieve this or some cheap service as Audio quality does not matter..

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You can use and it's free. It supports calls to PSTN networks. Check out how you can configure your device.

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Thanks Hovanessyan, supports calls to PSTN networks but its not free. Is there no other VOIP provider which provides free calls to PSTN networks? – Shrikanth Kalluraya Mar 29 '12 at 10:04

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