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What is the difference between $c->uri_for and $c->uri_for_action methods of Catalyst.

Which one to use? And why?

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dpetrov_ in #catalyst says:

If the paths are likely to change, uri_for_action is better idea.

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That's absolutely right. –  drt Mar 27 '12 at 12:25

@Devendra I think your examples could be somehow misleading if someone reads them.

uri_for expects path (and not action). It return an absolute URI object, so for example it's useful for linking to static content or in case you don't expect your paths to change.

So for example, let say you've deployed your application on domain example.com and subdir abc (example.com/abc/): $c->uri_for('/static/images/catalyst.png') would return example.com/abc/static/images/catalyst.pn, or for example: $c->uri_for('/contact-us-today') would return example.com/abc/contact-us-today. If you decide later to deploy your application under another subdirectory or at / you'll still end up with correct links.

Let say that your contact-us action looks like: sub contact :Path('/contact-us-today') :Args(0) {...} and you decide later that /contact-us-today should become just /contact-us. If you've used uri_for('/contact-us-today') you'll need to find and change all lines which points to this url. However you can use $c->uri_for_action('/controller/action_name') which will return the correct url.

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uri_for also works with action i.e. $c->uri_for('/controller/action_name'); will also work.That's the issue actually.I couldn't find any difference between their (uri_for and uri_for_action) behavior/working except the namespace. Please check and reply. –  drt Mar 27 '12 at 13:20
Though you are right on the point about using method_name and not to match direct url. –  drt Mar 27 '12 at 13:24
Reading the docs seems like that :) I've just never used it like that. Sorry if I've confused you –  Dimitar Petrov Mar 27 '12 at 13:37
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I found below difference between $c->uri_for and $c->uri_for_action



__PACKAGE__->config(namespace => 'Hello');


sub bar: Local{





sub method_name: Local{

print "In Yourcontroller:: method_name"


In case of $c->uri_for the url changes to


However for $c->uri_for_action the url changes to


So the namespace gets added in case of uri_for.

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