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I have a lot of timestamps, and data associated with it. I want to retrieve data that came from say 0800 - 0900.. What is the way to check if a timestamp falls between that? How should i write a function that inputs two hours and returns a list of timestamps that falls inside those hours, regardless of what day it is?


std::list<uint32_t> getTimestampsBetween(uint16_t min_hour, uint16_t max_hour)
    if(timestamp from list of timestamp is between min_hour and max_hour)
        add it to list;

    return list;
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It depends on the format of the timestamps, but if they're time_t, you can use mktime to convert a given tm to a time_t, and difftime to compare two time_t. Something along the lines of:

timeIsInInterval( time_t toTest, int minHour, int maxHour )
    time_t           now = time( NULL );
    tm               scratch = *localtime( &now );
    scratch.tm_sec = scratch.tm_min = 0;
    scratch.tm_hour = minHour;
    time_t           start = mktime( &scratch );
    scratch.tm_hour = maxHour;
    time_t           finish = mktime( &scratch );
    return difftime( toTest, start ) >= 0.0
        && difftime( toTest, finish ) < 0.0;

(In practice, toTest >= start && toTest < finish is probably sufficient. Although the standard allows much more, I don't know of any implementations where time_t is not an integral type containing the number of seconds since some magic date.)

This supposes, of course, that you're looking for the times between the two hours today. If you want some arbitrary date, it's easy to modify. If you want any date, you need to do the reverse: convert the timestamps to a tm, and compare the tm_hour fields.

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the timestamps that i have are epoch time in seconds.. – Prasanth Madhavan Mar 28 '12 at 6:47
i found a crude way to do it by dividing the timestamp by 86400 and getting the no of seconds passed from 12am. That way i can get the time of day easily. i just have to multiply the hour by 3600 and voila! :) – Prasanth Madhavan Mar 28 '12 at 6:48

use localtime to convert timestamp to struct tm and check if the tm_hour attribute of the structure falls within the specified window. Look into time.h for more information.

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