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In my view I want to add the text user enter in a textarea to be added to my table.

User enter type in the text in a textarea and then click on a button and then the text appears into a table.

I have to following code in my view.

    <p>Custom Question</p>
<div class="editor-field">
@Html.TextAreaFor(model => model.CustomQuestionText)
@Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.CustomQuestionText)
<div><p><input type="button" value="Lägg till" /></p></div>

And this is the table that I want the text to filled in:

<table id="CustomTable">
<thead><tr><th>Custom questions</th></tr></thead>

Any solutions with Jquery is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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$(function() {
    $(':input[type="button"]').click(function() {
        $('#CustomTable tbody').append(
            $('<tr/>', {
                html: $('<td/>', {
                    text: $('#CustomQuestionText').val()
        return false;

And here's a live demo.

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Thanks. But what if I want to be able to remove the text I added to the table, by clicking to the row. –  ps__ Mar 27 '12 at 8:02
@ps__, very easy, you simply subscribe to the click handler of the row. I have updated my jsfiddle with an example here: jsfiddle.net/jHWw3/1 –  Darin Dimitrov Mar 27 '12 at 8:04

Give your button an ID and then use the JQuery click function to capture the textbox value and append to the table:

<input type="button" id="btnAppend" value="Lägg till" />

    $("#btnAppend").click(function() {
        var textboxVal = $("#CustomQuestionText").val();

        $("#CustomTable").append("<tr><td>" + textboxVal + "</td></tr>");

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