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Im adding video windows to a video object inside mxml file

videoMovie = new Video(120,80);

Now would it be possible to apply a rounded border of 2px on this somehow?

I know you can use

    <s:Label text="cornerRadius:" />
    <s:HSlider id="slider"

On regular objects but cannot find out how to do this with dynamically added ones :(

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The Video object is a native Flash player class -- not a Flex class. So it doesn't do all the fancy things a Flex component can do, like having a border, or a cornerRadius style.

The easiest solution is to wrap your Video object in a Flex component that has the functionality you need. But you cannot just simply do: flexComponent.addChild(videoObject);

You'll need to do something like this:

var video:Video = new Video();
var uiComponent:UIComponent = new UIComponent();
// UIComponent allows you to add non Flex children to it w/addChild()
// but you can't do this w/the Flex container classes (like Group, etc.)

Now that your Video object is wrapped in a UIComponent, you can add that UIComponent to any Flex container ...

var container:BorderContainer = new BorderContainer();
// now set your border/corner radius styles...
container.setStyle("cornerRadius", 2);
container.setStyle("borderColor", #FF0000);

This is a common approach for using non-Flex components (like Video or Sprite) as children of Flex components. I'm sure you can find a lot more about this by searching on phrases like "adding a Sprite to a Flex component"


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