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We have a webapp performing questionnaire like "scans". Entrance point is /app, which initializes a session to perform the scans. If "scan1" is part of the session, /app redirects to /app/scan1, otherwise you are redirected to /app/scan2.

If you hit /app/scan1 directly, you won't perform /app/scan2. If you hit /app/scan2, you only perform that scan. We have a mobile version, iPad friendly, for our clients. This is responsive, so the url is the same, only the style changes.

Our client want to bookmark /app on his iPad, to make it easy to perform a so-called "quick scan" for his customers with both scan1 and scan2 involved. On Android, it is possible to create a bookmark, change the url of that bookmark and place the bookmark on your homescreen. However, iOS does not supply such feature. This makes it impossible to bookmark /app, as it automatically redirects and can't be bookmarked when you are on that page.

Am I right?

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You can create "bookmarks" on iOS, thus links that redirect to the app with an custom url-scheme like myapp://app/scan2 - then it's up to you to evaluate the string in your AppDelegate and show the corresponding view(controllers).

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We have implemented this now on the server. On /app a session is started, on /app/scan1 and /app/scan2 we check whether this session variable is set. If not, you will be redirected to /app, the session is started and you are redirected to /app/scan1.

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