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I have varchar value of @Order as 'ST,OT,DT' OR 'OT,ST,DT' and so on with all possible combinations of ST,OT,DT .

Then I want to implement logic in stored procedure as below for @order = 'ST,OT,DT' if ST comes first then deduct from @SThours, If @SThours is zero , decuct from @OThours, if @OThours is zero, deduct from @DThours

I could go on and write if else condition for all possible combinations .. but wanted to have nice implementation so that in future if new value comes I dont need to change my code......

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If the string is always in that format, then you can easily use SUBSTRING to extract the values and of course you will know their order at that point. After that, you can implement whatever logic you need; it isn't clear what you mean by a "nice implementation" or how you expect to make this more general/flexible? – Pondlife Mar 27 '12 at 8:03
Basically I dont want to write too many if else statments... But implementation something like If @firstvalue is ST then deduct from '@firstvalue' + Hours else if '@firstvalue' + Hours is zero then deduct from '@secondvalue' + Hours and so on This will avoid too many if else and clean code.... – Darshan Mar 27 '12 at 8:10
I don't see what's wrong with using IF, but depending on your logic you may be able to write it using CASE instead. But CASE cannot do control-of-flow and it can only return one value, so not all logic can be expressed that way. – Pondlife Mar 27 '12 at 8:20
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Here's something you could do:

declare @valueToDeductFrom int, @currentIndex int, @currentFieldName char(2)

set @valueToDeductFrom = 0
set @currentIndex = 1

while @currentIndex < 8 and @valueToDeductFrom = 0
    set @currentFieldName = substring(@order, @currentIndex, 2)

    set @valueToDeductFrom = 
            when @currentFieldName = 'ST' then @SThours
            when @currentFieldName = 'OT' then @OThours
            when @currentFieldName = 'DT' then @DThours
            else 0

    set @currentIndex = @currentIndex + 3

-- do something with @valueToDeductFrom here... Probably deduct from it. :)
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yes w0lf. something like only.. thanks for your help ... :) – Darshan Mar 27 '12 at 9:12

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