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I have many projects running on my server all of which use PHP sessions for authentication.

Now since the PHPSESSID cookie sets the cookie path to '/' in the set-cookie header, this cookie is available throughout the domain, whereas I need it available only to the current application.

Because of this, the following problem occurs :

A user who is logged into mysite.com/application-1 automatically gets logged into

  1. mysite.com/application-2
  2. mysite.com/application-3
  3. mysite.com/application-4


So, How do I set the path of the PHPSESSID cookie ?

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By default the session cookie get created with the current path until you change it to save cookie on any other path or '/'.

You may tell your script to save session cookie on the project specific directory. You can use the session_set_cookie_params for this. This must be called before the session_start()

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You just need to specify session name for each site and it will separate their sessions from each other.

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