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I'm working on a project where I need to create a link that when clicked, it takes the user to a LinkedIn profile and also automatically follows the company. I'm assuming the LinkedIn API is the way to go for this but I'm a little stuck; I've gone through the steps of creating a new application and have successfully created a login button based on the documentation but I'm a little confused as to how to create just a single link that I could wrap around an image. Is this ultimately what the examples in the docs create? Thanks

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You can build a Follow Company plugin from here: https://developer.linkedin.com/plugins/follow-company

The plugin is documented here: https://developer.linkedin.com/follow-company

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seems like LinkedIn wants to keep their brand identity so their API pretty much is restricted to giving you a button .. of which there are many varieties to choose from: https://developer.linkedin.com/plugins/follow-company

However, with some CSS you can style this to look however you want. Keep in mind that you will want to keep within the parameters in the license agreement: http://developer.linkedin.com/linkedin-plugins-license-agreement

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