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Does someone knows the right command/path to get the ident, shortTitle And a string that begins with a " / " (Note that there is a chance that the position of that string changes in certain circumstances)

I have this block of code where I presenting the string but then I wouldn't have the ident and shortTitle

$result = $xpaths->xpath("//*[ident = '$page']/moduleConfiguration/config//string[starts-with(.,'/')]");
foreach ($result as $item) {

echo item


The full path is

/org.olat.course.Structure/rootNode/children/*[type = 'st' or type = 'sp' or type = 'bc']/moduleConfiguration/config/entry/string

   <parent class="org.olat.course.nodes.STCourseNode" reference="../../.."/>
   <shortTitle>General Information</shortTitle>

            <string>/kgalgemeneinformatie.html</string>           <---


it would be wonderful if this could work in 1 foreach.

Kind regards


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How do you need them? Concatenated to a single string? –  ceving Mar 27 '12 at 11:50

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If you're wanting them as nodes in one loop, you'll have to group them together with the '|' identifier:

//*[ident = '$page']/moduleConfiguration/config//string[starts-with(.,'/')]|//*[ident = '$page']/shortTitle|//*[ident = '$page']/ident

Or you could group them all in one node with the concatenate function:

concat(//*[ident = '$page']/moduleConfiguration/config//string[starts-with(.,'/')], //*[ident = '$page']/shortTitle, //*[ident = '$page']/ident)
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