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I'm using windows 7 backup and restore. so initially I have 96gb ssd and I replaced it with 128gb ssd. I backup and restored it using the system image. but then the current ssd shows the capacity to be 96gb.

any ideas?


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You may need to extend the partition to fill the available space.

  • Go to Control Panel and search for "disk".
  • Choose "Create and format hard disk partitions".
  • Right click your 96GB partition and pick "extend volume".

That should give you options to extend the volume to fill the available space.

As always, even if this is built in functionality in Win7, when poking around with your disk partitions, see to that you have a current backup before changing anything around.

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thank you. this solved the problem. –  ordinaryman09 Mar 27 '12 at 9:21
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