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I m doing a project using eclipse plugins in jave to create an ide like eclipse that runs vue scripts.Presently this programs are executed in console.I have created a GUI to write these program,when i press the run button in my GUI,I need to get back the output to my GUI Console view after running is completed.

How shall i do this?Can anyone help me in doing this?

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How are you starting the programs? If you use Runtime.exec(), as a result you get a Process. You can call Process.getOutputStream() to get hold of the output stream of spawned process, and then read lines from it and output them to your GUI console view.

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i m not using Runtime.exec,i m creating a connection to the server and then passing the command to run the program...the output is being displayed in the eclipse console,but i need to display it in the GUI console...I m not creating a process here..So how shall i do this –  karthigayan Mar 27 '12 at 9:17

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