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I am using Terelik Date Picker in my project and when i click on the date picker i have the calendar popped up and i want to quickly change years/months so i clicked on March 2012 (current Month label) My code is throwing exception.

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Can you please post the relevant code and also the exception being thrown? I'd presume that this is Telerik MVC controls.

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In addition to the Jquery Plugin this is the code which i use @(Html.Telerik().DatePicker().Name(test).HtmlAttributes(new { id = test + "_date" }).Max(DateTime.Today).Value(DateTime.Today).HtmlAttributes(new { style = "font-size: 12px;" })) – TRR Mar 30 '12 at 9:51
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ok i fixed it.. it was because i have a style fontsize: smaller set for the calendar and in jquery 1.5.1.min it is trying to parse smaller as int and throwing an exception and hence the issue. i changed the font-size to numeric value and it is working now.

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