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I'm building an ad-hoc query to send to SQL doing the following:

var data = from d in db.xxxx select d;
foreach (pattern in user_stuff)
   data = data.Where(d=>SqlMethods.Like(d.item,pattern)==true);

The problem is that the WHERE clauses get AND'ed together. I need OR's.

Any idea how to get an OR?

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How about I answer my own question: PredicateBuilder

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the || operator dint work for you?? – Perpetualcoder Jun 12 '09 at 19:51
PerpetualCoder, you can't || together a dynamic list of predicates. That's why you need a predicate builder. – Avish Jun 12 '09 at 20:12

You need to construct an Expression to represent the composite OR predicate, then pass that to Where:

var data = from d in db.xxxx select d;
Expression<Func<Data, bool>> predicate = null;
foreach (var pattern in user_stuff)
    Expression<Func<Data, bool>> newPredicate = d => SqlMethods.Like(d..item, pattern));
    if (predicate == null) predicate = newPredicate;
    else predicate = Expression.OrElse(predicate, newPredicate);
return data.Where(predicate);

EDIT: This is probably what PredicateBuilder does, only a lot messier :)

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