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In Scala IDE I have the following code:

package pkg.one

object S {
  class A

class S {
  import pkg.one.S.A //all ok


package pkg.two

class Z(a: A)     //error

How can I import the A class so that I can use it in the class Z? The Scala IDE offers two solutions: import pkg.one.S$.A and import pkg.one.S.A, the first one is just a plain error in itself and the second one does not work since it says it cannot find that class. I know there is also the import pkg.one.S#A kind of import, but the IDE considers the '#' sign as error. I have been unable to understand how to solve this problem, reading general available info on importing Scala inner classes, since my case seems to be legal according to them.

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Using scalac (through SBT), the working solution is import pkg.one.S.A. Currently, the Scala-Ide eclipse plugin sees sometimes imaginary errors... I tend to avoid IDE, and when I use them (for huge projects with lots of Java stuff), I still do all compilations in a terminal with SBT.

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For the record, this is working just fine for me with the Scala IDE 2.0.0 for Scala 2.9.x (update-site: http://download.scala-ide.org/releases-29/stable/site).

Adding import pkg.one.S.A just before the Z class declaration works for me. What version are you using? (maybe it would be better to discuss this over scala-ide-user ML)

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