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Any one knows places where I can buy music to be used as background music of my app? I am thinking since the situation is almost like "reselling" the piece of music, I would like to make sure they can be used in such a way legally.

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www.IndieGameMusic.com –  mr_lou Apr 1 at 13:44

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Why dont you use sites like http://search.creativecommons.org/ where you have possibility of getting free media that can be used commercially as well as modified and built upon legally. Also you can try commons.wikimedia.org

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Thank you! Exactly what I am looking for. –  user647895 Mar 27 '12 at 10:05

Also, www.kompoz.com has some interesting material, available for commercial re-use.

Here's their advanced search link (incl. by license type):


You need to look for CC Attribution 3.0 or CC Attribution-ShareAlike licensed works, no need to contact the authors on an individual basis (the main point and convenience of Creative Commons licenses), as long as you credit them.

You can also do advanced search in Google by license type, but I've found this to be less useful for music.

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