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Intro to the problem -
With AS3 I want that when people clicks an email address, it opens their email program. Therefore I do this:

mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, sendEmail);

function sendEmail(e:MouseEvent):void{<br />
     navigateToURL(new URLRequest("mailto:name@domainname.com"));<br />

The problem: Every time a user clicks the movie clip, it opens their email program. However, the browser is opening a new window as well. How can I avoid the browser from opening the new window when clicking the movie clip that has the email address?

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There is a very easy answer to this. Navigate to URL will open a new browser window or do it in itself depending on how specified, if no window is open it opens one regardless. Use sendToURL instead of navigateToURL, I just tested and it works fine.

sendToURL(new URLRequest("mailto:name@domainname.com"));

sendToURL is also a function in the flash.net package

Cheers, Brian Hodge

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navigateToUrl(urlRequest, "_self");

from API

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Yep this did it. Thanks –  Ole Media Jun 19 '09 at 16:02

The mailprogram is opening because you gave a mail ID as URL. I think your intention is sending mail when a user click on the link right?

And to open in same window use what CookieOfFortune is saying. In

navigateToUrl(urlRequest, "_self");

the second part, _self, is setting the target window as self. If you want to open in new window you have to use navigateToUrl(urlRequest, "_blank");

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