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I am running a server with cherrypy and python script. Currently, there is a web page containing data of a list of people, which i need to get. The format of the web page is as follow:, firstName_1, lastName_1, firstName_2, lastName_2, firstName_3, lastName_3 

I wish to display the list of names on my own webpage, with each name hyperlinked to their corresponding website.

I have read the webpage into a list with the following method:

    def receiveData(self):
        """ Get a list, one per line, of currently known online addresses,
            separated by commas.

        method = "whoonline"
        fptr = urllib2.urlopen("%s/%s" % (masterServer, method))
        data = fptr.readlines()

        return data

But I don't know how to break the list into a list of lists at where the comma are. The result should give each smaller list three elements; URL, First Name, and Last Name. So I was wondering if anyone could help.

Thank you in advance!

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You can iterate over fptr, no need to call readlines()

data = [line.split(', ') for line in fptr]
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would this only give me a list, instead of a list of lists? So I'll need to remember that element 0,3,6 are URLs, 2,4,7 are FirstNames, and 3,5,8 are LastNames? – Synia Mar 27 '12 at 10:29
@Synia, line.split() will return a list. The list comprehension makes a list of those lists – John La Rooy Mar 27 '12 at 10:31
@Synia, try it out. – alexis Mar 27 '12 at 10:33

You need the split(',') method on each string:

data = [ line.split(',') for line in fptr.readlines() ]
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lists = []
for line in data:
   lists.append([x.strip() for x in line.split(',')])
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If you data is a big 'ole string (potentially with leading or trailing spaces), do it this way:

lines=""", firstName_1, lastName_1, firstName_2     , lastName_2, firstName_3, lastName_3           """

for line in lines.split('\n'):
    t=[e.strip() for e in line.split(',')]

print data    


[['', 'firstName_1', 'lastName_1'], ['', 'firstName_2', 
  'lastName_2'], ['', 'firstName_3', 'lastName_3']]

Notice the leading and trailing spaces are removed.

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