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I have the following script:

import socks
import socket
socks.setdefaultproxy(socks.PROXY_TYPE_SOCKS5, "", 9050)
socket.socket = socks.socksocket
import urllib2


which uses tor and SocksiPy

Now I want to change tor identity with each request, for example:

for i in range(0, 10):
   #somehow change tor identity

How can I do this?

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Tor wrote a new TOR control library in Python, stem. It can be found on PyPI. They provide some nice tutorials how to work with it, one of them explains how to change your identity:

from stem import Signal
from stem.control import Controller

with Controller.from_port(port = 9051) as controller:

Make sure your config is correct.

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This works also on python3 –  Adrian B Mar 16 '14 at 15:33
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Today, I have searched a lot about this question, and finally managed to answer myself. But before I need to say that pirvoxy and tor should be configured correctly. First script, then a little bit about configuration:

import urllib2
from TorCtl import TorCtl

proxy_support = urllib2.ProxyHandler({"http" : ""})
opener = urllib2.build_opener(proxy_support) 

def newId():
    conn = TorCtl.connect(controlAddr="", controlPort=9051, passphrase="your_password")

for i in range(0, 10):
    print "case "+str(i+1)
    proxy_support = urllib2.ProxyHandler({"http" : ""})

Above script gets new IP and checks it from ifconfig.me web site. About configuration: We need Privoxy. to use TOR with HTTP connections, privoxy should work with tor. We can do it by adding thi to /etc/privoxy/config file:

forward-socks5 / localhost:9050 . #dot is important at the end

then we configure ControlPort in /etc/tor/torrc file. We need just uncomment this line:

ControlPort 9051
## If you enable the controlport, be sure to enable one of these
## authentication methods, to prevent attackers from accessing it.
HashedControlPassword 16:872860B76453A77D60CA2BB8C1A7042072093276A3D701AD684053EC4C

then we just restart tor:

/etc/init.d/tor restart
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Thank you for this solution but I have a small question: why do we need Privoxy here? Why can not I use SocksiPy as in your question? –  Mikhail D May 9 '12 at 18:06
I had problems which I also asked here: stackoverflow.com/questions/9925381/… –  user873286 May 9 '12 at 18:29
@MikhailD There is no problem. For future readers: Just use SOCKS directly (without Privoxy). –  Navin Dec 11 '13 at 7:29
What type of hash is used above? –  Adrian B Mar 16 '14 at 14:51
We can also use this with polipo, right? –  Mohammad Rafay Aleem Mar 19 '14 at 11:11

Another simple solution, no external libraries required, works for both IPv4 and IPv6:

import socket

    tor_c = socket.create_connection((TOR_CTRL_HOST, TOR_CTRL_PORT))
    tor_c.send('AUTHENTICATE "{}"\r\nSIGNAL NEWNYM\r\n'.format(TOR_CTRL_PWD))
    response = tor_c.recv(1024)
    if response != '250 OK\r\n250 OK\r\n':
        sys.stderr.write('Unexpected response from Tor control port: {}\n'.format(response))
except Exception, e:
    sys.stderr.write('Error connecting to Tor control port: {}\n'.format(repr(e)))
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Upvoted for not using a library :) –  Navin Dec 11 '13 at 7:31
The socket class does have a connect() method that accepts a tuple, call socket.create_connection() instead. My code looks like tor_ctrl = socket.create_connection(('', '9151')) tor_ctrl.send('AUTHENTICATE "{}"\r\nSIGNAL NEWNYM\r\n'.format('tor_control_pass')) # control password –  mdubez Apr 20 '14 at 18:01
Thanks, your suggestion helped simplify the code –  nedim Apr 21 '14 at 8:54

The following could work:

for i in range(0, 10):
   #somehow change tor identity
   socks.setdefaultproxy(socks.PROXY_TYPE_SOCKS5, "", 9050+i)
   socket.socket = socks.socksocket


You basically set set the proxy prior to making each connection. I am asuming that you have different proxies for different IPs since you have not stated how you intend to change the IP

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I just want to make request with different IP using tor, I mean in random time interval, I need to use changeTorIdentity() function. I need this changeTorIdentity() function. –  user873286 Mar 29 '12 at 15:08

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