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How we can realize a Combobox with sencha touch??

I tried with selectfield but when I install my app on an Android Phone, the select field doesn't work.

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 xtype: 'selectfield',
 label: 'Choose one',
 options: [
            {text: 'First Option',  value: 'first'},
            {text: 'Second Option', value: 'second'},
            {text: 'Third Option',  value: 'third'}

This is code straight from the sencha site. Select field works on Android. There must be something else wrong in your code.

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SALAM. thank you for your response. i tried this same code but it doesnt work. I installed my app on the Galaxy S Ft-I9000 version android 2.3.2 and the selectfield doesn't appear. –  zied jouini Mar 27 '12 at 21:04

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