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// define class
class Calculator {

  //class variables:
  var $sum;
  var $dif;
  var $multi;
  var $div;

  //Class member functions or methods:
  function add($arr) {

  function substract($arr){
    for ($i=0;$i<count($arr);$i++){
      $dif=$dif - $arr[$i+1];

  function multiply($arr) {
    $this->multi=$number1 * $number2;

  function devide($arr) {

$txtfield = $_POST['number1'];
$arr = explode(' ',trim($txtfield));

//Create a class instance:
$calc = new Calculator();

//Call class methods:

//Display output:
echo "Sum=".$calc->sum." <br>"; 
echo "Difference =".$calc->dif." <br>"; 
echo "Multilpication=".$calc->multi." <br>"; 
echo "Division=".$calc->div."<br>";


Why are my codes doesnt display the correct value? i tried entering 3 values and still wont return the right results. it seems it dont performm the operations well. Really Need urgent help: http://modkoredesigns.com/phpexam/ this is the test uRL

i tried entering 2 2 2 on the textbox and it doesnt display the answer

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You are mixing multiple ideas here. If you 1) correct the indentation levels in your code, 2) separate class definition from the code that uses it (and reads values from $_POST), I may help you. –  Tadeck Mar 27 '12 at 10:16
you might find this lecture useful: youtube.com/watch?v=4F72VULWFvc –  tereško Mar 27 '12 at 10:23

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First, you got an error on that line :


you're missing two $

Then, where $number1 and $number2 come from ? (in both multiply() and devide())

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You are using the complete wrong variables in the functions. Where do you get $number1 or $number2 from in the multiply function? Besides the ugly formatting, which makes reading your code a real pain, there are more serious weaknesses in your code. Why do you store the values in the class when you give them as parameter to each function anyways?

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