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I have an un ordered list and the index of li tag.Now I have to get the li elemet by using that index and change background color.Is it possible without looping entire list?.I mean, Is ther any method that could achieve this functionality?

Here is my code, which I belive that would work...

  var index = 3;
     <li>United States</li>
     <li>United Kingdom</li>
  //I want to change bgColor of selected li element
  $('ul li')[index].css({'background-color':'#343434'});
  //Or, I have seen a function in Jquery doc, which gives nothing to me
  $('ul li').get(index).css({'background-color':'#343434'});
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The two ways you're using there return dom elements rather than jQuery objects so the call to .css will not work on them. Darius' answer below using eq is what you want. – Richard Dalton Mar 27 '12 at 10:19
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$(...)[index]      // gives you the DOM element at index
$(...).get(index)  // gives you the DOM element at index
$(...).eq(index)   // gives you the jQuery object of element at index

DOM objects don't have css function, use the last...

$('ul li').eq(index).css({'background-color':'#343434'});


.get([index]) Returns: Element

.eq(index) Returns: jQuery

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+1 perfect... thanks – agpt Oct 21 '13 at 6:58
eq(index) worked for me. Only one that allows to use val(). – Edgars Šturms Jan 15 '15 at 11:03

You can use jQuery's .eq() method to get the element with a certain index.

$('ul li').eq(index).css({'background-color':'#343434'});
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Try that.


Documentation: http://jqapi.com/#p=eq-selector

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You could have make the selector simpler with $('ul li').eq(index).css({'background-color':'#343434'}); – gdoron Mar 27 '12 at 10:33
But in most browsers the selector $('ul').find('li') is faster. [1, 2] – Darius Morawiec May 23 at 1:18

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