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I want to get a window like this enter image description here

How should i get this and i am confused between Border and Rectangle in XAML.

Border is a container control aos its use is pretty simple to get, what is the use of ractangle as it can't contain any control in it.

Kindly help

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You can draw a plygon as follow:

    Points="100 50, 100 150,250 150, 250 75, 225 50"
       <SolidColorBrush Color="White"/>

Here you can find some other interesting example

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Neither Border nor Rectangle will achieve this, you probably need a Path or something similar.

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Will you please guide me towards some example – manav inder Mar 27 '12 at 10:34
@MSingh: There are examples on MSDN. – H.B. Mar 27 '12 at 10:36
H.B.@ So i just create the desired shape, Set window STyle to None and set the window background to Transparent, is this the way to get what i desired? – manav inder Mar 27 '12 at 10:40
@MSingh i would say yes. Check this to find some more guidance. – dowhilefor Mar 27 '12 at 12:43
@MSingh: Something along those lines (you also need AllowsTransparency), but in general i would not recommend "over-styling" windows like that, users usually don't like it that much... – H.B. Mar 27 '12 at 12:46

I would like to answer your last question

What is the use of ractangle as it can't contain any control in it.

Yes it can't contain any controls, but you can always draw it in the background


The user will propably don't see any difference. Why having two different Controls for that? Not sure, but my guess is that a Border is a shortcut to have a rectangle around a control, there might be more behind it, but thats how i see it. Also a Rectangle is a Shape, and it makes sense to have a Rectangle besides an Ellipse, Line etc.

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This path is like your shape, if you use Expression Blend you can draw it into the editor.

<Path Data="M20.5,0.5 L153.81876,0.5 194.5,41.181242 194.5,103.5 C194.5,114.54569 185.5457,123.5 174.5,123.5 L20.5,123.5 C9.4543047,123.5 0.5,114.54569 0.5,103.5 L0.5,20.500004 C0.5,9.4543067 9.4543047,0.50000197 20.5,0.5 z" Fill="#FFF4F4F5" Stretch="Fill" Stroke="Black" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Height="124" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="195"/>
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