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Platform: SharePoint 2010, Office 2010

I have an issue with DIP as following:

  • Create a new content type based on document content type called: Internal Memo
  • Attach a word template file memo.dotx
  • Create a new document library based on Internal Memo content type
  • Add new document from the document library will show a new file in word along with a DIP (Till here every thing is fine)
  • Create a custom DIP for the content type will open the InfoPath
  • Update the InfoPath form as you want and when i try to publish I get this error

The form template cannot be published because the Web service for updating the SharePoint list and site content type settings was modified. Contact your system administrator

  • If you click ok another message will confirm that the process has been successfully completed.
  • I can also copy the files directly to the content type folder but when i try to create a new Internal Memo document i always get this error

The Document Information Panel was unable to load

Any idea why I cannot create a custom DIP and publish it smoothly

Thanks in advance

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This error have a lot of reasons, I tried all of them with no luck to solve it, then I noticed that when I try to open any file on SharePoint Designer I'm Getting error:

soap: ServerServer was unable to process request. ---> Value does not fall within the expected range.

the detailed error for The Document Information Panel was unable to load has a connection error to soap web service, then I found a solution the next link for the first error


Which is simply add an alternate access mappings to the site, and every thing start working smoothly and as it should be.


Error: The Document Information Panel was unable to load

Reason: This error have a lot of reason in my one I was trying to use localhost:9090 while the actual one in alternate access mappings was ServerName:9090 and this why I can't access the DIP

Solution: to solve this issue just add alternate access mappings to the site:

Central Administration -> System Settings -> configure alternate access mappings -> Select your site -> Add Internal URLs

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