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I am using Spring 3.0 for my project, I am having a class MySingletonClass, it is singleton as below :

public class MySingletonClass {
    private static MySingletonClass obj = new MySingletonClass();

    public static MySingletonClass getSingleObj() {
        return obj;

spring xml bean configuration for this class is as below :

<bean id="mySingletonClass" class="app.MySingletonClass"  factory-method="getSingleObj" />

I was trying to remove bean configuration and use annotation. how do I write annotation for factory method?

Thanks in advance !!

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check this – Pokuri Mar 27 '12 at 12:06

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Spring creates instances like singleton by default. You can just do.

    public class MySingletonClass {

And if you don't change scope your component is singleton.

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Spring component's are automatically created as Singletons.

Declare the annotation @Controller on the class

public class MySingletonClass {

Then in your Spring Config file, declare like:

<bean id="mySingleton" class="com.package.MySingletonClass">

Then to use in another class you can use Autowiring or Setter/Constructor dependency injection.

public class OtherClass {
    private MySingletonClass mySingleton;
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