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I got an app with one table. First cell is the coverflow from iCarousel.

When i rotate coverflow and items changed i reload table view:

-(void)carouselDidScroll:(iCarousel *)_carousel{
    if (curCategory != _carousel.currentItemIndex)
        [table reloadData];

But this code drop finger action of rotating. Because first cell with coverflow reload too.

Can i reload table, but dont touch first cell?

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You can reload just a range of cells using reloadRowsAtIndexPaths:

It might make more sense to make the carousel be the table header view instead of the first cell though.

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yeah! i already do it in this way. But you the only man, how answered this question. So, thnx, and i marked you answer as a write answer =) –  Eugene Trapeznikov Apr 7 '12 at 1:57

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