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Create a new sample play2 app:

play new test


cd test
play run

Visit http://localhost:9000, we can see the default home page displayed correctly.

But when I dist it:

play dist

And upload the generated dist/test-1.0-SNAPSHOT.zip to the server and unzip it, and run:

cd test-1.0.SNAPSHOT

Then visit http://myserver:9000, I found the css file can't be found.

GET http://myserver:9000/assets/stylesheets/main.css

Since the app is built-in example provided by play2, doesn't mean it's a bug of play2?


The routes file:

# Map static resources from the /public folder to the /public path
GET     /assets/*file                       controllers.Assets.at(path="/public", file)

And the Assets.scala provided by play2 is:

object Assets extends Controller {

  def at(path: String, file: String): Action[AnyContent] = Action { request =>

    val resourceName = Option(path + "/" + file).map(name => 
        if (name.startsWith("/")) name else ("/" + name)).get

    if (new File(resourceName).isDirectory 
       || !new File(resourceName).getCanonicalPath.startsWith(new File(path).getCanonicalPath)) {
    } else {


Seems play is trying to find a dir and a file existing on the disk, but that public directory is packaged in test-1.0-SANPSHOT/libs/test_2.9.1-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar, not a real file.

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It can't find that CSS file even if you do "play run", so it's nothing to do with it being packaged in a jar.

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"play run" works fine and the public asset for main.css is found. I haven't tried "dist" but "run" certainly works. ?? –  flurdy Mar 31 '12 at 19:23
They said on the mailing list that Play will give you a 404 for any file that has no content in it even if the file is there, so that's the issue. –  Ben McCann Mar 31 '12 at 23:40

Solved for me : simply check that the file main.css is not empty.

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