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I have a simple challenge with a background not animating.

I have used this code before so I'm a bit scratching my head.

The code is:

html (it has a repeated background I can see).

<div id="working_wrap"></div>​


$('#working_wrap').animate({backgroundPosition: '30px 0px'}, 5000);​

I've created a jsfiddle of the simple problem. The background should start animating straight away.

What is my foggy brain missing right now?

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try this

$('#working_wrap').animate({backgroundPosition: 30},5000);

0px is useless (EDIT: in your case) and it is not supported by animate. From Jquery doc

All animated properties should be animated to a single numeric value

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You have to remove the px after 0 I think.

So, $('#working_wrap').animate({backgroundPosition: '30px 0'},5000);​. That will move the background after 5 seconds 30px to the left.

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Check out the example below. Set the background explicitly and also for firefox 2 you need to set the start background position

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background-position animation is not supported by default. Include a jQuery plugin called jquery.backgroundPosition.js to make it work:

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