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i manage to get the recordCallBck and deal with the buffer data. now i want to play that data. i have the play callback but i just cant find anywhere how to play this buffers.


static OSStatus playbackCallback(void *inRefCon, 
                          AudioUnitRenderActionFlags *ioActionFlags, 
                          const AudioTimeStamp *inTimeStamp, 
                          UInt32 inBusNumber, 
                          UInt32 inNumberFrames, 
                          AudioBufferList *ioData) {

    for (int i = 0 ; i < ioData->mNumberBuffers; i++){      
        AudioBuffer buffer = ioData->mBuffers[i];
        unsigned char *frameBuffer = buffer.mData;

now what? how would i play that?

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have a look at this example, helped me out a lot when trying to deal with the data. This is an example of a working app that plays anything you have spoken into the microphone. It uses 2 callbacks, one for recording the data and placing in a global audio buffer and a second for getting that data back into the playback callback.


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