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I wrote an app in C++, and downloaded some samples code from the internet (like this and this), but when I try to compile the code I get compilation errors like:

error C2664: 'CertNameToStrW' : cannot convert parameter 4 from 'CHAR [1000]' to 'LPWSTR'

error C2664: 'send' : cannot convert parameter 2 from 'BYTE [200]' to 'const char *'

and so on.

Certainly, I can solve it by explicit conversion like suggested in this question. but I want to ask if this behavior is reasonable? I assume that Microsoft guys compile their code before they upload it to MSDN. What do I miss? Maybe I have to install somthing? can anyone please help?

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It's caused by having the wrong character set, see here:

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You need to turn off Unicode from your project settings Project Properties -> General -> Project Defaults -> Character Set or use win32 api functions with A postfix like CertNameToStrA instead of CertNameToStr.

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