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I have a wpf application written in framework 4. The application is downloaded via a file share and installed on the user pc - an icon will appear on the desktop and the user can click on icon to use the application.

However I used the standard setup and deployment project found in VS 2010 to create an installer program, I have also set the "RemovePreviousVersions = True" on the setup and deployment project properties.

However when I do any change on the application, deploy application and then add NEW deployment files to setup and deployment project, and build the S&D project and run the new setup.exe it DOES pick up that a previous version is installed but does not remove it, just gives me an error that install cannot continue becuase of older version.

WHat could I be doing wrong?

Kind Regards _geoNeo

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Hi all i eventually found a solution thank you :D –  geoNeo_ Mar 27 '12 at 13:30

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In case someone else is wondering, the solution is to increase the ProductVersion and answer Yes when prompted about changing the ProductCode.

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