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So I am trying to use the CSS hack to set the max-height for a div in IE8 like this

height: expression( this.scrollHeight > 333 ? "333px" : "auto" );

I was wondering if anyone knew of a way to change that to a percentage, instead of a fixed pixel size? It would be fantastic if you could. Thanks!

Basically, I just want to say if this.scrollHeight is > window.height * .75 or something.


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Not sure exactly what you want to accomplish but it can be done without javascript like this:

The trick is this:

max-height:33%;height:auto !important;height:33%;

And it works even in IE6. The only catch is that the parent element has to have a fixed height set so that it knows from what number to calculate the %.

So if you are doing it on browser window you will have to get the height of window and apply it to your body trough javascript - rest can be done trough css.

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Ah ok, that actually looks not too bad. Will give it a crack to see if it works. – gabaum10 Mar 27 '12 at 13:24

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