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What is current directory of shell script? I this current directory from which I called it? Or this directory where script located?

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The current(initial) directory of shell script is the directory from which you have called the script.

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As already mentioned, the location will be where the script was called from. If you wish to have the script reference it's install location, it's quite simple. Below is a snippet that will print the PWD and the installed directory

echo "Script executed from: ${PWD}"

BASEDIR=$(dirname $0)
echo "Script location: ${BASEDIR}"
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DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "$0" )" && pwd )"

You can then use $DIR as $DIR/path/to/file

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You could do this yourself by checking the output from pwd when running it. This will print the directory you are currently in. Not the script.

If your script does not switch directories, it'll print the directory you ran it from.

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