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as I saw in facebook developers page they release a new sdk with some bug fixes and deprecated access_offline option. I have two applications which are using facebook login and share to facebook options and I want to implement the new fb sdk changes so my apps can work after 1st may. The problem is that I can't get how to change to the new sdk. I've changed the code,and added this

Facebook mFb = new Facebook("121334552177043"); 
    String access_token = settings.getString("access_token", null);
    if(access_token != null) {
        mFb.extendAccessTokenIfNeeded(this, null);

to my main activity,but it's not working I guess.After I click the login with fb button in mu app it's doing nothing actually.Here is what I'm doing on button click listener :

mFb.authorize(MySettings.this, new String[] {"publish_stream,offline_access,email"}, Facebook.FORCE_DIALOG_AUTH, new LoginDialogListener());

            String access_token = useSSLConnection.getString("access_token", mFb.getAccessToken());
            Log.i("access_token", "access_token : " + access_token);

and the result which I'm getting is this 'from LogCat' :

    03-27 15:51:57.386: I/access_token(6842): access_token : AAABuY4SL4BMBANZAOTug8ZA7ZAVR6urO8sqWX2S4SEFAZAVFzYbty4fZBZBctadMdSSIRo0Jsh0socUU0xfqeZBH4rZCeEKFPAcZD
03-27 15:51:57.446: D/RequestQueue(6842): setProxyEnabled=true
03-27 15:51:57.486: D/RequestQueue(6842): queueRequest to set proxy
03-27 15:51:57.486: D/RequestQueue(6842): setProxyConfig mProxyHost=null
03-27 15:51:57.486: D/RequestQueue(6842): queueRequest with mProxyHost=null for
03-27 15:51:57.496: D/webkit-timers(6842): [JWebCoreJavaBridge::resume] >> do resume

And it's not even loading the webview with login forms. Any idea how can I solve this issue?

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I just replaced the library with the latest one without any changes in code and it works fine for me. – PravinCG Mar 27 '12 at 13:12
but what did you do with sessionEvents and sessionStore files? – Android-Droid Mar 27 '12 at 13:14
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Just copy and paste the content of the new classes or replace them. It should work properly and don't forget to add

public void onResume() {    
    facebook.extendAccessTokenIfNeeded(this, null);

as Facebook suggested.

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Does this approach work if the user has not got the Facebook For Android app installed? – Mel Apr 1 '12 at 5:35
I have to try that, not really sure if it will work. – Android-Droid Apr 2 '12 at 7:07

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