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I checked the official android site to take a look about the Google play offers for developers. But i'm a little confused about some questions:

  1. If I published an Android application on Google Play market, what is the benefit rate for Android and for me as developer or company?
  2. Can we fix many prices for our application on the store depending on the client country?
  3. There is a minimum applications number to sell before we start to earn money?

10x all

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  1. You earn the 70% and Google the 30%. More information

    For applications that you choose to sell in Google Play, the transaction fee is equivalent to 30% of the application price. For example, if you sell your application at a price of $10.00, the fee will be $3.00, and you will receive $7.00 in payment.

  2. Yes, you must add them in the developer console. More information

    Android developers in select countries can now choose to offer Apps for sale in multiple currencies through Google Checkout. You simply select the currencies you wish to sell Apps in from those available in the Android help center and set the price of the App in each currency.

  3. No, they pay you every month: More information

    All marketplace merchants will receive payments monthly

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  1. That depends, you earn money depending on how much you sell.
    You can also earn money by ads.
    Google keeps 30% for transaction cost (I think), but that's about it
  2. You can set a price in your currency, and it will be converted to other currencies
  3. Google pays your profits every month (afaik)
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