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I am building an array as follows

$filelist2 = @()
$e = $null 
foreach ($e in $extBkupArr) {
        $filelist2 += ,(($e[1]),(Get-ChildItem $ToBeZipped"\*" -Recurse -Include $e[2] | Select-Object fullname ))

Array $filelist2 has in it 4 items AA, AA, BB, BB. Each of those items (except one) has an array of the filenames collected in the code above. One of those (the first BB) is a null array.

The array data looks like this:

{BB, $null}, 

For each of the 4 items in the array (AA, AA, BB, BB) I want to (1) make sure that it's array value of filenames isn't null, and (2) if they are not null, then parse thru that secondary array to pull out the Fullname field.

That data is getting passed to a function calling 7zip, which takes the value that's in AA.FullName & zipping that file into a zip file that's associated with the value on the row (AA, BB, etc). That function is called as follows:

create-7zip "c:\temp\myFolder" "c:\temp\myFolder.zip"

from the above, the input "c:\temp\myFolder" would be the fullname field from the array, and the "c:\temp\" would be a static variable ($zipFldr), and the "myFolder.zip" filename would be from another array of filenames associated with the type (AA, BB, etc).

So then - the function would be called:

create-7zip ($filelist2.Row(AA,AA,BB,BB).fullname(1 to n)) $zipFldr\$fArray($filelist2.Row)

I'm able to parse thru the $filelist2 array using a foreach.

foreach ($f in $filelist2) {
    if ($fArray.Containskey($f[0])) {
       if ($f(1)) { #null check
          $fArray[$f[0]]   <----- returns the appropriate zip file name
          $zipFldr         <----- returns the correct folder name
          $f[1]            <----- returns the list of fullnames within the array
        else { write-host "Null Encountered for " $fArray[$f[0]] }

However, I'm not able to successfully pass this info into the function. $f[1] when passed to the function is a null, and the $fArray[$f[0]] value is either a blank value or system.collections.hashtable name (and not the one I want).

What am I doing wrong in referencing these array items?

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First off I would say to use a HashTable or Dictionary instead. –  EBGreen Mar 27 '12 at 13:43
How would you build a hashtable using the FullName as the key (unique), but having values (the filelist2 Row (AA, AA, BB, BB) that do not change? Without them, I lose the association with which fileset they belong to. –  steve_o Mar 27 '12 at 15:27

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