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I have a simple question but i can't found a right answer. I have a song url saved to my database. An path Like this.

aSound.path = [[item valueForProperty: MPMediaItemPropertyAssetURL] absoluteString];

How to convert back to a MPMediaItem object wich has songname artist and artwork?

Is it possible?

Thanks the answers.

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    NSNumber* persistentID = 
[mediaItem valueForProperty:MPMediaItemPropertyPersistentID];


            MPMediaPropertyPredicate * predicate = 

Another example: NSNumber for MPMediaItemPropertyPersistentID to NSString and back again

Note song URLs are are unreliable because any DRM song returns a null url

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thanks your help, it works :) –  flatronka Mar 28 '12 at 5:04
How pass media item from host to client side using multiplier connectivity? –  Adeel Ishaq Jun 24 at 2:26

Alternatively, a nasty hack that Works For Me (tm).

- (MPMediaItem *)getMediaItemForURL:(NSURL *)url {
    // We're going to assume that the last query value in the URL is the media item's persistent ID and query off that.

    NSString *queryString = [url query];
    if (queryString == nil) // shouldn't happen
        return nil;

    NSArray *components = [queryString componentsSeparatedByString:@"="];
    if ([components count] < 2) // also shouldn't happen
        return nil;

    id trackId = [components objectAtIndex:1];

    MPMediaQuery *query = [[MPMediaQuery alloc] init];
    [query addFilterPredicate:[MPMediaPropertyPredicate predicateWithValue:trackId forProperty:MPMediaItemPropertyPersistentID]];

    NSArray *items = [query items];

    if ([items count] < 1) // still shouldn't happen
        return nil;

    return [items objectAtIndex:0];

Comments appreciated for where this might go wrong or how to improve it. I prefer to pass the URL around instead of the PersistentID as I have multiple media sources, all of which can use URLs. Using the PersistentID would mean a lot of "if this is a media ID, do this, otherwise, do that with the URL".

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It works fine and doesn't take much time to create the mpmediaitem Thank you. +1 for you.:) –  Tendulkar Mar 12 '14 at 10:03

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