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Is it possible to create a report from JUnit without Ant or Maven? Because I call the tests with velocitycode, and the velocitycodes calls a method. And that method calls all the tests. So I can get a response from it, the failures/errors/runs etc. But I want to create a report with it.. Or do I need to create html stuff by myself?

I created the methods and testmethods in Java, so I will do everything in Java, except the call, thats in Velocity code.



Java code:

public void getTest(){
junit.textui.TestRunner runner = new junit.textui.TestRunner();
TestResult testresult =;

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When you say 'calls velocitycode' can you be a bit more specific? Do you mean that there is a test runner which comes from velocity? Can you be a bit more explicit, and post some example code please? – Matthew Farwell Mar 27 '12 at 17:50
I added the code. With the velocitycode I call the method getTest in Java. And the method getTest runs the tests – Gynnad Mar 28 '12 at 8:47

You will need the ant library. But with this code you can create an XML report and use it in other pograms. Such as Jenkins.

public static void getTest(){
    String pathToReports = "C:\\path\\to\\the\\Reports";
    Project project = new Project();

    try {
        new File(pathToReports).mkdir();
        JUnitTask task = new JUnitTask();


        FormatterElement.TypeAttribute type = new FormatterElement.TypeAttribute();

        FormatterElement formater = new FormatterElement();   

        JUnitTest test = new JUnitTest(YOURTEST.class.getName());
        test.setTodir(new File(pathToReports));

    } catch (Exception e) {

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Don't think so. But you might be able to use ant as a library instead of a tool, and use the same code that the tool uses to generate these reports.

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I don't understand? I run the JUnit test inside the code, but then? How can I use the 'Ant Library' to create the report inside the code? – Gynnad Mar 28 '12 at 6:40
If I'm understanding your question correctly, you're looking for a library that can somehow take the output from JUnit and format it (is that right?) My thinking was that since Ant can do this, and Ant is available as a jar, you can leverage the same classes that Ant does to achieve what you're looking for. Take a look at this class, for instance:…. You'd have to check ant's source to see how the class is used. – Roy Truelove Mar 28 '12 at 11:36
Yes you are right, but I can't find in the Library how to create the reports. Do you have any examples or tutorials or something like that? – Gynnad Mar 29 '12 at 11:25

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