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I'd like to add some drawing functionality in my ember based application. I plan to use the html5 canvas element. Basically, in my DOM I have

<canvas id="my-canvas">

And I need to get my canvas context when the DOM is loaded with

var c = document.getElementById('my-canvas')
// ... do something with c

If the canvas is represented with an Ember.View :

App.Canvas = Em.View.extend({
 tagName: 'canvas'

What is the equivalent of document.getElementById?

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var view = App.Canvas.create().append();
var viewContext = Ember.get(view, 'element');

viewContext will hold what you need.

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Thanks @roy-daniels. In case anyone is wondering, the element property is accessible from within an Ember.View.extend({...}) declaration. This is particularly handy with an element like canvas because you can access the entire canvas API from within your special-purpose view. – Jake Mitchell Jan 9 '13 at 14:09

From the canvas context, you could use the $() method:


which provides a JQuery-flavored way to access elements.

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