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JWPlayer outputs a lot of events in the browser console. How do I disable logging entirely?

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It's not a configuration option for JWPlayer.

Right-click on the player (Flash version here), then change the menu option "Logging to ..." until it's "Logging to none".

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While this question is quite old (2012), it is still the first Google result I found when looking for the answer.

Since I found out the answer myself I still want to post it here for other people looking for it:

In the JWPlayer config object there may be a part like this:

    playlist   : [...],
    title      : 'Some title',
    ... more options ...

    debug: {
        'levels' : 'all'

    ... more options ...

Simply remove the debug-part completely and it will no longer output to the console (or at least not excessively).

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