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Is there a way that I can prevent a user from changing the selected row? I was looking for something like a selectedRowChanging event that would either prevent or allow user from selecting a new row.

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What kind of component does contain this rows? CheckBox, Grid or something else? –  hsestupin Apr 5 '12 at 12:38

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Kinda depends on how you have things set up...

I have a Grid to which I've added a CheckColumnConfig and RowEditor It's really a window into some DataBase tables. The user can modify any column 'except' the key columns. The user may also Add a new row. I defined 2 ColumConfigs. The EditColumnConfig has the various fileds disabled (i.e. if (column = keyColumn) {textField.disabled(); } the AddColumnConfig has all columns enabled.

Now if the user clicks the checkBox on a row and clicks an 'Add' button I reconfigure the grid with the addColumnModel : rowDataGrid.reconfigure(listStore, addStateColumnModel); When the user clicks the RowEditor 'Save' button I erconfigure the grid back : rowDataGrid.reconfigure(listStore, editStateColumnModel);

I 'spose you could define an uneditable ColumnConfig and swap it in and out. (or... catch the RowEditor 'BeforeEdit' event and disable to row).

That's an idea anyway... hope this helps.

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grid.addListener(Events.BeforeEdit, new Listener<GridEvent<MyModel>>(){

        public void handleEvent(GridEvent<MyModel> be) {
            //This retrieves the model being edited.
            MyModel model = be.getModel();
            if (I do not want to edit this model){
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