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I have my own video source and using VMR7. When I use 24 color depth, my graph contains Color Space Converter filter which converts 24 bits to ARGB32. Everything works fine. When I use 32 bit color depth, my image looks desintegrated. In this case my source produces RGB32 images and passes them directly to VMR7 without color conversion. During window sizing I noticed that when destination height is changing the image becomes "integrated" (normal) in some specific value of destination height. I do not know where is the problem. Here are the example photos: http://talbot.szm.com/desintegrated.jpg and http://talbot.szm.com/integrated.jpg Thank you for your help.

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You need to check for a MediaType change in your FillBuffer method.

HRESULT hr = pSample->GetMediaType((AM_MEDIA_TYPE**)&pmt);
if (S_OK == hr)

Depending on your graphic you get different width for your buffer. This means, you connect with an image width of 1000 pixels but with the first sample you get a new width for your buffer. In my example it was 1024px.

enter image description here

Now you have the new image size in the BitmapInfoHeader.biWidth and got the old size in the VideoInfoHeader.rcSource. So one line of your image has a size of 1024 pixels and not 1000 pixels. If you don't remember this you can sometimes get pictures like you.

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