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I'm working on a 'Place your Marker and get its URL' function for a Google Maps Page. The URLs produced are similar to :


I'd like to somehow have the URL automatically shortened using the Google URL Shortener so that the URL the user needs to copy is just: http://goo.gl/ZEQ7u

I've looked at the documentation but it assumes greater knowledge than I possess. Unlike the Maps Api documentation there are no simple examples for me to adapt.

Can anyone point me to a simple Google URL Shortener demo please?

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'Twas a little bit of a struggle for me but this page gave me something to download and work with.

I've now got exactly what I was after:

Url shortener demo

(At first I was getting errors so I emailed the author - Tom McFarlin . and within an hour he had replied and corrected the fault in his code. Thanks Tom.)

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for anyone interested - the site now incorporates the get url , plus get short url, plus get qr code - and some other more conventional features - mostly set for fuerteventura [link]fuerteventura-maps.com – webewitch May 18 '12 at 14:06

The current samples provided by Google show only how to expand a shortened URL.

What you're looking for can be found here.

The problem, as the blogger points out is,

"If you follow the documentation on the insert method, (the method for getting a shortened url from a long one), there is a reference to a rather nebuluos Url resource required argument. It's not at all clear how to create one of these in Javascript."

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