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For now, I need to use some packages to do a emulation for IOMMU (it is similar to MMU), and I got some source about it, but I don't know how to use them. Here is a link of source for emulating IOMMU Here is a link for downloading file for this emulation

My problem is how to use qemu to do this and there are so many file in the download list, I don't know how to use them...

Thanks for your help, really appreciate!!! If you know something detail, please tell me

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you can use download option in the right side of the page ( Generally snapshot option is available in repositories ) or this

then simply use configure script to generate makefile

use ccache if you want to recompile it again and again

$CC="ccache gcc"./configure --prefix=$PREFIX <br>

then make to build and install, use -j<no_of_cpu+1>

$make -j5 all install

if you have dependencies issue, solve them using synaptic manager or apt-get

P.S. AFAIK You should have iommu support available in hardware, if you have 64-bit machine then you might have. You can check flags in using cat /proc/cpuinfo

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