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I plan to make a multiplayer game (a quick turn-based card game), wich has to be playable :

  • Solo against A.I.
  • Locally (WiFi / Bluetooth) with or without A.I.
  • On the internet, with waiting rooms and all, so I need a personal server

I plan to use Game Center.

Each part is ok on its own, I just can't figure how to mix everything...

For the local part (solo and p2p game), the server has to be on a device, but it has to be on a real server machine for the internet part (Explanation image)... So, do I have to code twice the server code with two different languages? Argh!

If you have any advice, thank you in advance :)

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I unintentionally deleted an answer... Sorry for the poster. Anyway, I need to have an hosted server : logs, game control, and most importantly I need to get to 8 players at the same time. –  Piruz Mar 27 '12 at 15:22

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