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So, right know it returns the data for the albums..album names,but I also need that cover image for the album, and the photos for each album, here is my current code:

function get_albums($facebook)
    $fb_user = $this->getFbUser($facebook);
    $myalbums = $facebook->api('/me/albums');
    return $myalbums["data"];

function getFbUser($facebook)
    $fb_user = $facebook->getUser(); //gets user id

            header("Location:{$facebook->getLoginUrl(array('req_perms' => 'user_status,publish_stream,user_photos'))}");
    return $fb_user;

function getFb()
    $facebook = new Facebook(array(
        'appId' => 'secret',
        'secret' => 'secret',
        'cookie' => true,
    return $facebook;

I solved it:

   $albID pass the album ID
function get_fbimages($facebook,$albID = null)
$fb_user = $this->getFbUser($facebook);
$myimages = $facebook->api("/$albID/photos");
return $myimages;

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