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I'm trying to run a regular expression (Ruby) on a file containing code and custom comment tags. I want to find all text between (/*+ ... +*/), single line or multiline.


   # Testing Documentation #
   ## Another Documentation Line ##
   This is also picked up
Some code here that is ignored
/*+ # More documentation # +*/

I would want to match each group of text between the open and closing of /*+ ... +*/

I've tried the following reg ex which works great for the single line example. But if I enable the multiline option, it picks up everything between the first match and last match instead of matching two or more groups.



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Make the match in the middle non-greedy ((.*?)). Here's a permalink to Rubular:


The expression I used was /(\/\*\+)(.*?)(\+\*\/)/m, fine-tune as you see fit.

#=> ["/*+\n   # Testing Documentation #\n   ## Another Documentation Line ##\n   This is also picked up\n+*/", "/*+ # More documentation # +*/"]
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Excellent. Thanks. –  Steve Hansell Mar 27 '12 at 14:52

Maybe that'll help you. This works in JS:

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