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In the process of building a social network where users can input their interests to their user profile (e.g. favourite films, books, tv shows etc), powering this data from freebase.

We've hit a stumbling block relating to multiple entries on the freebase database for particular interests (e.g. type in 'The Apprentice' and there are several entries), the problem occurs when we try to pull a single image from multiple entries (we display each interest as both a cover image and text on a person's profile), we just can't get our code to work! If someone can cast an eye over our code and give us a pointer in the right direction or who's had a similar problem before, please get in touch!

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Umm, you didn't provide any code to review.

If you're just looking to hire a consultant to review your code, I'm happy to help, but oDesk or Freelancer or some such would probably be a better place to advertise. Contact me for my rates.

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