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I want to create a report for my domain class instances but not all, just the ones user selected in the GSP table (selecting checkboxes). On my report I will also have some logic - few conditionals, some calculations etc. I would also have to get some additional data from database. How do I do this? Should I get values of selected checkboxes in cotroller and pass it to jasper cotroller? Something like this:


 <g:each in="${books}" var="bookInstance">
        <td> <g:checkBox name="book_${bookInstance.id}"/> </td>


def bookReport = {
    def bookList = []
    params.each {
            bookList.add((it.key - "book_") as Long)

    def bookCriteria = Book.createCriteria()
    def books = bookCriteria.list {
    chain(controller:'jasper', data:books, action:'index', params:params)

I used iReport for report creation. I've tried creating report without SQL query and parameters. My logic was that if I pass a map of domain instances to jasper controller as I did in the example above I dont need to specify data source in report. But I get an empty report.

I also tried seting the report datasource to my database and report query to this: select * from book where $X{IN,id,books}. In that case, no matter what I select report is created for all book instances.

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Have you tried...

chain(controller:'jasper', model:[data:books], action:'index', params:params)

...while leaving the SQL string empty in your .jrxml?

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