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I have 3 tables

task (Id,text,Contact_Id)

and 2 junction tables

task_users (task_id,user_id)
task_companies (task_id,company_id)

note: contact_id may be refer to users table or company

How can I get task id, task text, contact name in one Criteria

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do you have the tables mapped to corresponding objects? can we see the mapping between them? –  Baz1nga Mar 28 '12 at 6:10

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This's example with QueryOver, but it almost like ICriteria.

Contact contact = null;
   .JoinAlias(() => task.Contact, () => contact)
   .SelectList(list => list
     .SelectGroup(task => task.Id)
     .Select(task => task.Text)
     .Select(() => contact.Name))

Other is a mapping. You can make base entity "Contact" and extend from it User and Company.

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